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Welcome to Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know (and probably some things you didn’t care to know) about me, my books, my articles, and whatever else I choose to share.

I am an original Valley Girl (like, totally) who loves hockey, horror movies, cooking, dancing, photography, playing poker, and, of course, writing. I have been penning stories and poetry since I was seven when I used to staple sheets of paper together and craft and illustrate my own books. Over the years, my writing style has accommodated whatever period in life I was experiencing, thus giving me a rather large repertoire with which to showcase my work. Recently I have been rather humor-driven to keep me out of the nuthouse because if you can’t laugh at yourself, someone else, for sure, will.

I have two useless degrees (MSCJ and BS) in criminal justice and criminology with emphases in homeland security, criminal behavior, and criminalistics (the old-fashioned term for forensics.) I have worked in jails, was a process server, ran a few eBay stores, was an adult basic education/GED instructor to prison inmates (as well as their writing group sponsor), and taught writing to adult GED students at a local community college. Throughout all of this, I have written. And written. And, hey, guess what? Written.

While historically, primarily an academic writer and researcher, I have written numerous articles on a variety of subjects which have been published in various print and online media. In 2011, I self-published my first novella, Trophy Hunter (which has since been retired because, quite honestly, I’m not a big fan of it as I wrote it during a particularly low point in my life.)

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My most recent endeavors have led me down a more poetry-driven path thanks to the wonderful writing community that is Prose, as well as into the unique realm of micropoetry and the ubiquity of these short poems on Twitter. Hence, I have shared several of my pieces in cyberspace and have been surprisingly pleased with their reception and the positive feedback I have received.

I currently reside in Nevada and am a freelance writer, blogger, poker aficionado, Vegas Golden Knights fan, insomniac, and all-around smart-alec.

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July 3rd 2020 was a very sad day, Natalie passed away and will be missed very much.

Natalie was an amazing person and had a huge impact on this writers life and I for one will always cherish the short time I had with her and will always love her.  She was taken from this world much sooner than she should have and each day without her is harder than the last.

Please help us with getting a memorial bench/table placed at a local park to memorialize Natalie by donating to here to her GoFundMe campaing.

Rest in Peace Natalie, You will always be remembered and loved!